Muslim foster parents: "We'd never had a Christmas tree - it made them so happy"

The Guardian

About 100,000 young people go through the fostering system every year. In recent years an increasing number of these have been child refugees from Muslim-majority countries such as Syria and Afghanistan, many arriving here traumatised and in need of care.

“We estimate there is a shortage of 8,000 foster carers,” says Kevin Williams, chief executive of the Fostering Network, “and there is a particular shortage of Muslim foster carers.”

Those featured here were nervous that their stories would be misreported, an issue highlighted recently in the story about a white Christian girl supposedly “forced into Muslim foster care”. The story was cited as emblematic of a greater clash between Islam and Christianity. It has also provoked fears that the media storm could deter Muslims from fostering at a time when the need for a more diverse pool of carers has never been greater.

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