Continued Care for Young People - 'Moving On'

Our ‘Supported Lodging Policy’ and ‘Staying Put’ policy are relevantly new and services we deliver, we have set clear guidelines and procedures to support foster carers in the event a local authority requests that it is in the nest interest of the child / young person to ‘stay put’ and the placement should be extended. 

Following a decision taken to extend the placement, we will assist and support the local authority, foster carer and the young person by:

  • Taking immediate necessary steps to ensure all the requirements of the young person’s adult life are met including young person’s DBS checks (depending on status).
  • Setting up a ‘living together agreement’ between the foster carer and the young person.
  • Provide training and consultation to the foster carers and the young person.

We have a group of foster carers who have shown interest in taking on ‘staying put arrangements’, where the current foster carer has decided to extend their placement facilities to placements that are ending.