Educational record and personal education plan

It is most certain to get a strong grip of both educational development and the impact of interventions and support and to ensure consistent and effective evaluation of improvement or otherwise, an almost constant conversation between designated and other teaching staff, carers, learning mentors, health professionals and all those with cooperate parenting responsibilities amongst other is necessary.

They should be acting as pushy parents desperate to know the latest news on progress – only then will a true picture emerge and the right decisions be made in a timely manner.

Bridging Gaps Fostering Agency have designed a tracking record that acts as a instrument for tracking the educational progress of all child / young person in their care. 

Foster carers are trained and supported to ensure that the educational progress of children in their care is a real priority and that they are the most important in playing a central role in raising both the educational aspirations and achievements of looked after children. 

All educational records are maintained in a ‘Working Together’ Folder by the foster carer which are reviewed and shared regularly with all professional working with the child / young person, and move on with the child / young person between placements as a reliable and meaningful tool to measure the educational outcomes and to assess the long term effects of their educational experience. 

Our foster carers are supported by their Supervising Social Worker to attend all parents evenings and child ‘Personal Educational Plan meetings’. This helps to identify any gaps in education and to build on strengths and weaknesses enabling the child to reach their full educational potential.