Education is immensely important for all children, but for Looked After Children there are a range of factors which can create barriers to education success and which, as a consequence limit life chances. 

Bridging Gaps Fostering Agency believes that it is every child / young person’s right to receive an appropriate education that will help them to achieve their full potential. Recent research has shown that the majority of Looked After Children / Young People want to attend a mainstream school and gain nationally recognised qualifications that they can use as currently in the job market or as a passport to further education.  It has been long recognised that a good indicator of earning potential is educational attainment at the age of 16.

Bridging Gaps Fostering Agency have put in place the following services designed to help carers support the education of Children and Young People in their care and enable them to become more confident and effective learners and responsible i individuals. 

Ad Astra

Bridging Gaps Fostering Agency have commissioned the services of Ad Astra who provide high quality tailored private tuition as an additional support to young people who may be struggling academically or need that little extra support to reach their full potential. 

School Placements

Wherever possible a mainstream school place will be sought unless this is not the best way to meet the needs of the Child / Young Person.  BGFA have a pool of support Workers who will work in partnership with the Local Authority, Education Offices, Local Schools, Foster carers and Child / Young Person themselves to ensure appropriate education is found. 

Out of School Support

Not all school placements run smoothly and sometimes Children / Young People have to wait for appropriate provision to be allocated to them. If a Child / Young Person is out of school for any length of time and for whatever reason. Bridging Gaps Fostering Agency have facilities to arrange alternative education through local venues that are already set up for teaching bases: 

Life Long Learning Centre: Demand Led Skills Development Service

Bridging Gaps Fostering Agency with the support and experience of their sister company Life Long Learning Centre which works in partnership with local colleges, have resources available in local community venues to help deliver a unique bespoke service in the following areas of skills development for staff, foster carers and children as and when necessary. 

  • NVQ Qualifications at all levels
  • Information Technology
  • Esol Skills for Life
  • Literacy & Numeracy
  • Arabic
  • Urdu
  • Punjabi
  • Somali
  • Dressmaking
  • Community Cultures & Morals Values
  • British Naming System
  • Health Education
  • Careers Guidance

All these courses are nationally recognised through qualification bodies: NOCN, City & Guilds, AQA & Trinity College.

Learn to Work

BGFA have agreed a bespoke programme with Learn to Work to help motivate young people to access high level of activities and their links with employers. This will inspire and prepare young people into the world of work by giving them opportunities to develop skills they need to be successful.