Bridging Gaps Fostering Agency believe in a world in which all young people are able to fulfil their potential and make a smooth transition to independence and adult life.

From a young age Children / Young People are encouraged to make choices about their future and take on personal responsibility and their empowerment, on the basis of full information and realistic expectations of the options available to them, it is only through this and supporting young people to realise their rights and entitlements, that a successful transition can be made.

Our Foster carers are fully supported by our specialist staff and are trained to help young people in their care to overall:


  • Gain the confidence to make their own decisions
  • Take personal responsibility for their own actions
  • Gain knowledge of their rights and duties as individuals
  • Develop effective coping strategies
  • Take responsibility for their own welfare.


    Daily tasks include:

    • Basic hygiene & care of house and home
    • Shopping
    • Kitchen & cooking skills
    • Self care
    • Money management and banking
    • Road safety & use of public transport
    • Time management
    • Social skills and appropriate behaviour
    • Accessing and use of community amnesties
    • Awareness of risk.


    Majority of these tasks are included in our AQA unit base programmes – once a unit is completed the Child / Young person will be issued with a Unit Award Statement which can be included in a Child / Young Persons Record of achievement.