Bridging Gaps Fostering Agency Therapeutic Service

At Bridging Gaps Fostering Agency we believe that fostering can be challenging but also rewarding and that foster carers do amazing jobs, however foster carers may face unique challenges compared to those of birth families. Children placed with foster carers may bring additional complexity, some having histories of abuse, medical and behavioural problems and adjustment and attachment disorders. These needs place additional stress on the foster carers, especially when they are manifested in challenging behaviours and childhood disorders.

That is why we have set up our therapeutic services to support our foster carers.

At Bridging Gaps we aim to provide evidence based interventions, offering a Systemic perspective means viewing the foster child in a variety of contexts, not just with their immediate family they have been placed with but also the social and cultural setting of the family they are part of. Looking at the relationship between the child, foster family, birth family and the professional team is very important.

Our Therapeutic inputs aim to:

  • Help foster carers gain skills in managing the young person effectively and developing a positive relationship.
  • To reduce behavioural challenges, increase social, emotional and relational skills and improve foster placement stability and reduce the possibility of placement breakdowns.
  • Identify and enhance foster carers’ strengths and resilience to support the child.
  • Support foster carers to develop alternative     approaches that are realistic.
  • Help the foster carer with expectations and strategies for helping the child develop and thrive.
  • Offer quick response to foster carer’s needs via our website information