listening to you

We are here to listen to you about anything you would like to talk about. It could be about yourself, your Foster carers, your friends or family, even school or something to do with activities.

You can talk to us about things you are just not happy about or unsure about. Just to tell us how you feel, we will listen to you, value your opinions and try to help you.

We will keep what you share with us confidential, that means we will not tell anyone that you have contacted us or what you have told us unless you want us to.

If you would like to discuss something about another child / young person you know who you think may be in danger or at risk of being seriously harmed, we will advise you about ways in which this child / young person can be helped.

So don’t be afraid if you need to say something that can help you or anyone else – please phone and ask for the Managers or one of our Social Workers who will be able to help.


9am – 6pm please call - 01753 86 86 86

After 6pm you can SMS or Whatsapp on 07977 475 689